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Bin No.
Dom Perignon
Bollinger Special Cuvée
Laurent Perrier Rosé
Moët Chandon
Moutard Grande Cuvée - House Champagne 1
Moutard Prestige Rosé - House Champagne 1
Marc Hebrart Cuvée Reserve - House Champagne 2

Bin No.
Ondarre Cava Brut - Spain
Sacchettto Pinot Rosa Frizzante - Italy
Prossecco di Conegliano Extra Dry - Italy

Bin No. Vintage Champagne & Sparkling Wine
Moutard Grand Cuvee
Moutard Prestige Rose
Prossecco di Conegliano Extra Dry
Sacchettto Pinot Rosa Frizzante

Red Wines
39. 2012 Santo Isidro de Pegoes - Portugal
15. 2012 Tierra Antica Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile
23. 2012 Vinedo Viejo Malbec – Mendoza - Argentina
24. 2012 Michel Torino Coleccion Merlot - Argentina
12. 2012 Miolo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon - Brazil

White Wine
45. 2012 Tierra Antica Sauvignon Blanc - Chile
44. 2012 Dona Paula Sauvignon Blanc - Argentina
48. 2012 Pinot Grigio Venezie Giulia - Italy
    Rose Wine
54. 2012 Pinot Grigio Blush di Venezie - Sacchetto, Italy

Bin No. Vintage Selection
11. 2012 Monte Paschoal Merlot - Serra Gaucha
This Brazilian Merlot is delicate and perfumed with notes of strawberry and blackberry, rounded off with gentle earthy tones.
12. 2012 Monte Paschoal Tannat - Serra Gaucha
Elegant wine, with a rich density of black fruits, a touch of spice and gentle soft tannins, great with red meat.
13. 2010/11 Miolo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon
Made with the assistance of one of the most famous and respected names in the wine industry; Michel Rolland. Well structured and balanced with wine with intense cassis, dark chocolate and mocha flavours.
14. 2009 Miolo Lote 43 Cabernet Merlot
You would think that you are drinking a good Cru Bourgeois. Well structured with intense blackcurrant, elegant minerality and hints of spice derived from new French Oak barrels.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
15. 2012 Tierra Antica Cabernet Sauvignon - Limari Valley
Rich berry flavours with soft tannins and hints of violets and chocolate.
16. 2012 Carmen Pinot Noir Reserva
A seductive and complex combination of black cherry and raspberry aromas.
17. 2012 Echeverria Syrah Reserva - Curico Valley
Intense flavours of blackberries with a touch of jam, well-defined fruit flavours through to a well-integrated finish of good length Quite powerful wine.
18. 2011 Perez Cruz Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva - Alto, Maipo
A luscious blend of intense fruits and ripe tannins. Layered flavours of red berry fruit, roasted sweet pepper and aromas of cassis. The full-bodied palate is smooth and refined, ending in a nice finish.
19. 2011 Carmen Carmenere Gran Reserva - Apalta
This rich wine shows classic Cabernet cassis notes on the nose, with touches of sandalwood and clove. 14 months in French oak has added vanilla and toast aromas. A weighty, ripe blackcurrant palate.
20. 2010 Echeverria Family Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon
60% Shiraz, 34% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6% Viognier, this high quality wine exudes personality. It displays notes of dark fruits, chocolate, mocha and spices on the nose and palate.
21. 2009 Kuyen Organic Blend – Valle del Maipo
40% Syrah, 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% and 2% petit Verdot. The wine has a deep colour with intense aromas of berries, spicy and minerals notes, good expression and complexity. In the palate the wine has good balance and concentration, with ripe soft tannins in the finished .

Bin No. Vintage Selection
22. 2011/12 El Camino Merlot Tannat Cabernet - Mendoza
Masses of juicy, appealing red fruits with soft and ripe flavours.
23. 2012 Vinedo Viejo Malbec - Mendoza
Dark ruby red colour with complex aromas of red fruits such as plums, cherries and raspberries, with a hint of violets. Excellent round and long finish.
24. 2012 Michel Torino Coleccion Merlot
Blackberry and cassis aromas with a velvety texture, combined with firm structure making this wine very appealing.
25. 2012 Andeluna Malbec 1300 - Mendoza
This Malbec has great body with roundness and elegance. Intense aromas of cherry, black currant, cassis and vanilla with notes of spices, chocolate and anise that complement the sweet tannins.
26. 2011 Don David Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon - Cafayate
Ruby red, dark and intense. Spicy, red pepper and paprika dominate. The oak adds smoky and tobacco notes. Persistent aromas. Powerful mouth full of ripe tannins and well balanced.
27. 2007 Andeluna Grand Reserve Cabernet Franc - Mendoza
A bold, vigorous and rosehip character with dense velvety tannins, with its savoury edge and long finish it can easily handle strong, rich meat dishes.
28. 2006/7 Dona Paula Seleccion de Bodega Malbec - Mendoza
Intense depth and almost sweet ripe black cherries, liquorice and dried herbs, with a mouth filling and lingering finish.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
29. 2010 Chateau Saint Romans
Berried nose with a pleasant softness on the palate, smooth good quality drinking Claret.
30. 2009/10 Domaine René Monnier, Pinot Noir - Burgundy
Seriously good and made in a traditional style, this wine shows a purity of raspberry fruit with a long, sustained finish.
31. 2009 Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine de la Solitude - Rhône
Ripe morello cherries complemented by vanilla and spice, a big wine but retaining this estate’s characteristic elegance and showing a modern style of wine making.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
32. 2009 Pinord Clos de Torribas Crianza
12 months ageing in oak barrels and 6 months in bottle, intense garnet red wine with fresh, healthy, ripe fruit aromas. Rounded on the palate but lively and vigorous lasting finish.
33. 2007 Ondarre Rioja Reserva
Leather and spice of traditionally made Rioja on the nose. Smooth and subtle on the palate, with strawberries and vanilla ice cream sustained through to a long finish with well integrated tannins.
34. 2005 Quasar Rioja Gran Reserva
Deep ruby red with brick hues, this mature wine shows aromatic complexity of red berries, liquorice and hints of smokiness with earthy and savoury notes. The flavour is smooth, long and with good backbone.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
35. 2010/11 Groot Constantia Shiraz
A wine of medium in tensity, smoky with a hint of pepper and well balanced oak. A hearty wine, full of character.
36. 2010/11 Southern Right Pinotage
The sheer elegance and Rhone style gives a very good in terpretation to this classic SA grape. Fruit and berries ripeness combined with restrained and spicy tannins make this a must have with the roast meat.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
37. 2011 Chianti Classico Castello Vicchiomaggio
A superb Chianti of intense depth, rich complexity and velvety texture. Showing a warm seductively aromatic bouquet of summer ripe cherry.
38. 2008 Barolo DOCG Patres San Silvestro
This Barolo speaks for itself, it is full with sweet fruit and balanced tannins resulting in an approachable drinking style.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
39. 2012 Santo Isidro de Pegoes
A delicious and juicy wine with smooth and warm flavours of black cherries and pomegranate.
40. 2009 São Domingos Dão - Dão
Deep ruby colour and intense aroma, showing the character of the great wines of the Dao region. Powerful in the mouth, with well rounded, tannins, good acidity and elegance.
41. 2007 Charamba - Douro
This wine made using varieties usually associated with Port production. It combines ripe fruits, sophisticated structure, with attractive spicy notes and a long pleasant finish. Great with grilled red meat.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
42. 2012 Basso Virtus Moscato
Light yellow with green reflections, easy to drink wine with notes of peach, lychee and lemon, a marking acidity that gives liveliness and freshness to the wine.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
43. 2011/12 El Camino Chardonnay Torrontes - Mendoza
Fresh and crisp white wine with notes of melon and ginger combined with rose and peach tones from the Torrontes.
44. 2012 Dona Paula Sauvignon Blanc - Mendoza
This fresh, attractive Sauvignon Blanc shows intense aromas of grapefruit, lime and passion fruit that are well integrated with gooseberry and herbal notes. On the palate, this is a wine with great freshness and very long aftertaste.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
45. 2012 Tierra Antica Chardonnay - Limari Valley
This full bodied yet elegant wine has some luscious tropical fruit and white peach flavours, balanced by a fresh finish.
46. 2012 Echeverria Chardonnay Reserva
A delicate balance of fresh fruit and toasty oak are combined to produce around, delicious and complex wine with a long refreshing finish.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
47. 2012 Chablis, Domaine Jean Goulley - Burgundy
Good weight with a clean, pronounced mineral character on the nose and palate, a classic Chablis.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
48. 2012 Pinot Grigio Venezie Giulia - Sacchetto
Fresh clean mineral bite with delicate flavours of summer fruit and nutty refreshing finish. A real stand out as an aperitif wine.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
49. 2012 Stella Blanco Dry Muscat
Deliciously fresh and grapey with scents and flavours of walnut and gooseberries. A great wine with savoury dishes or aperitif.
50. 2009 Caves Velhas Bucelas
Lush aroma, with pineapple and passion fruit standing out, along with some lemon notes. Youthful flavour with fruit supported by a distinct acidity. The result is a wine with intensity and notable persistence.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
51. 2012 Stella Rosado
Pale pink, dry to off dry, medium bodied, refreshing and bursting with summer fruits on the palate with soft strawberry cream finish.
52. N.V. Casalinho Rosé
Sweet and easy drinking Rosé.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
53. 2012 Echeverria Cabernet Sauvignon Rose
This light red summery refreshing Rosé has lifted aromas of cherries and strawberries combined with scents of watermelon and plum. The palate is rich, clean and well balanced.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
54. 2012 Pinot Grigio Blush di Venezie
The appealing pale blush colour of this wine is obtained from the skin of the Pinot Grigio grapes which are pink in colour. Fresh and fruity with an off-dry finish.
9. 2011 Sacchettto Pinot Rosa Frizzante
Fruity berry bouquet, balanced and lively semi-sparkling wine with a refreshing finish.

Bin No. Vintage Selection
55. 2012 Michel Torino Coleccion Malbec Rosé
Well structured but very fruity wine with hints of spice and summer pudding berried fruit through to a clean and crisp finish.